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About Our Founder

This small family business started with my dad, Marcello 'jerry' bozio. My Father had been a top salesman for the Hoover Vacuum company and was partners in a vacuum store in North Jersey. In 1975, using that experience, he began picking up vacuums from customers' homes and repairing them from his work bench. 

 working out of the garage of our family home in Metuchen, I still remember the green rotary phone Which we kids dubbed "the Bat Phone". It was answered by his 'receptionist', our mom Angela, usually with our baby sister on her hip. (We still have that phone number, 50 years later by the way) :-)

  Later that year, he opened our first location on Main Street in Woodbridge. It had a repair shop in the back, and vacuum displays up front. There was also a small area where his kids could play and nap. A true family business from its inception.

 A few years later our parents opened up our second location in North Brunswick, and then a third in Metuchen in 1986.

Most of his 7 children pitched in and helped in the stores at one time or another, but some of us chose to make it our career.

 Working with our dad, we learned about honesty, integrity and a love for community. It was truly an amazing experience. 

 In 2012 we relocated to Milltown from our North Brunswick location.

 Sadly, my father fell ill and when he was no longer able to work, we closed our store in Woodbridge in 2016.

 God later welcomed him home that same year.

 Then, because of the Covid-19 pandemic and the troubling economic times, we made the difficult decision to close our Metuchen location in May 2022.

 we now have only one location located on Beautiful Main Street in Milltown.

 One store on a main street, with exceptional customer service, where everyone is welcome and treated with respect. 

 We continue his legacy the way he began almost 50 years ago...

 We love you daddy. - Michelle

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